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Kyle Carmouche

Head Coach, St. Joseph's Academy

St Joseph’s wins it's first ever State Championship in 2023!


"Playing at Premier Soccer center made a huge difference in our run to the 2022 state finals . Premier Soccer Center is an integral part of our player development at SJA.  The Summer Indoor League is a fun way for our players to play weekly and for us to build team unity.  The flexibility in scheduling and not worrying about weather issues has ensured that our players get that time together that we need."

"Premier Soccer Center has been an invaluable asset to the soccer community and to the SJA Soccer Program!!  Jason has been a longtime supporter of high school soccer in our community!  Weather is always a factor in the high school season.  Having an indoor facility to go to on days we would otherwise be rained out has made all the difference in our training model and program success!"


Andy Smothermon

Baton Rouge Soccer Club Academy Director

Indoor soccer is a fantastic game for every youth and adult player. It is a great environment to develop your technical skills and get more touches on the ball. The smaller field and less players provide everyone a chance to get more involved in both attacking and defending in the game. It is a fast paced game with continuous action from goal to goal. The facility is great for any player to participate in a league, training, or any additional programs. The Academy players enjoy the indoor atmosphere and playing on the turf field. We always look forward to training and playing indoor soccer during the winter and summer seasons.


Sian Hudson

Head Coach, LSU Women's Soccer

Indoor soccer is a great environment to hone your technical skills and play in a fast paced, competitive atmosphere. The small sided game provides more touches on the ball and decision making opportunities, which is great for speed of play, 1v1 moves, combination play and improving a players anaerobic capacity. Whether you are a young player developing a love for the game, or an adult playing for fun with your friends, indoor soccer is a great environment for everyone. I know my own kids love playing at Premier Soccer Center and know yours will too.

More Information:   LSU Bio Page - Sian Hudson


Anson Dorrance

Head Coach, UNC Women's Soccer

"Playing indoor soccer can be an important platform in the development of the elite youth soccer player. Because of the smaller numbers of players it offers more touches on the ball than the 11v11 game and this is critical for player development. There is very little dead time in an indoor game, the boards keep the ball in play and keep the game moving. This helps create more one v one opportunities for players and helps them become comfortable without time and space. Everyone's goal is to be a great outdoor player and yet at UNC we play one day of indoor every week all winter and spring. If you want to supercharge your development play indoor. It has made a huge difference to our 21 time national championship teams."

More Information:   UNC Bio Page - Anson Dorrance


Gordon Jago

Executive Director of the Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup

You are about to begin a very exciting and enjoyable new soccer experience. Indoor Soccer is a fast, skilful and high scoring game and one that I am certain you are going to enjoy as you gain the knowledge of "playing off the boards", clever substitution, "one on one" and "man up" situations. The speed of transition as you turn defense into attack and attack into defense is going to assist in you becoming an all round soccer player no longer just a forward, midfielder or defender as in outdoor soccer. “One on One” situations will improve both your dribbling and tackling skills", "two on one" and "three on two" situations will teach you how quickly you can capitalize on having an a man free for a shot on goal and of course the skill of “playing off the boards” to beat a man will be developed as you gain experience of the Indoor game. As stated you are about to begin a period of soccer playing experience that will assist you in becoming a more skillful player with good technique and all round soccer abilities. Welcome to Indoor Soccer, Have fun and enjoyment."

More Information:   Wikipedia- Gordon Jago


Brian Lee

Head Coach, LSU Soccer

"The addition of a first class indoor soccer facility is the final piece in the development of soccer in Baton Rouge. Indoor soccer is a great way for young players to hone their skills and the best way for adults to enjoy playing for a lifetime. All of our best players here at LSU have backgrounds in the indoor game and will be spending time training at the facility."

More Information: Brian Lee


Gary Buete

Executive Director, Baton Rouge Soccer Association

"Indoor soccer is fast paced and never stops. This facility is a tremendous asset to the Baton Rouge Soccer Association and the greater Baton Rouge Soccer family. Indoor soccer was an integral part of my development as a player and I look forward to being out on the fields again. The indoor game is ideal for the novice player young and old and for the experienced player to play where the action never stops. I can't wait for the facility to open."


Chris Mitchell

Head Coach, University High Boy's Soccer

"While playing soccer at Butler University, our off season winter program included playing indoor soccer on a regular basis. The surface, the walls, the smaller field size, and the limited number of participants on the field provide players a great opportunity to maximize their touches on the ball. Players are constantly being challenged to increase their speed of play just to keep up with the pace of the game indoors and this translates well to the outdoor game through quicker decision making on and off the ball. All players will benefit from the demands indoor soccer puts on players and the fun that goes along with playing in a more confined area where the action never really seems to stop."

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