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  • All IDs will be checked at the front desk before games.

  • No guest players are allowed to play if your team has 6 players to play a game.

  • A guest player can be added if you have only 5 or less players. If this is the case you must contact us 24 hours before the game to let us know you will be short . Contact must be made via email to

  • Players may be added up until the 4th game of the season. After the 4th game of the season the rosters freeze.

  • Please bring a white tee-shirt for every game in case of a color conflict. The only case Premier Soccer Center will issue red house jerseys is if both teams wear white.

Red Cards

  • Fighting is prohibited at Premier Soccer Center. If you are red carded for fighting you will be banned from the league for 4 games. No refunds will be given. It is up to Premier soccer center to maintain a safe and friendly playing environment for all players. More than 4 games may be given depending on the severity of the incident.

  • The second offense you will be banned from Premier Soccer Center for one full year for all leagues. No refunds will be given. 

  • We consider fighting throwing a punch or wrestling.

  • Referee abuse is not tolerated. Referee abuse is considered verbal and physical. You may not intimidate the referee in any manner. If a red card is given for referee abuse you will be suspended for a minimum of 2 games

  • When you are given a red card, you must leave the bench area.

  • Any red card given is a MINIMUM 1 game suspension. League management will meet on all red cards and give out the suspension. The suspension notice will be given to the captain of the team to notify the player of their suspension.

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