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What type of indoor soccer is this?
This is 6v6 indoor soccer on turf, with boards and plexiglass and a real soccer ball, not a smaller, heavier ball.


How many games are we playing? When are the practices? 
We are playing 8 games. There are no practices, just games. Please check out our videos on our website. They give an exact representation of the type of indoor soccer that we will be playing, on the same size field. Please show these videos to your players.

How much does it cost? 
The cost is $72.65 per player.

How do we register? 
On the Premier Soccer Center website, please register as a free agent. Have your team manager or coach email a roster of players on your team with your team name. We will make sure players are on the proper teams. If a player does not have a team, we will place him on a team.

What type of shoes do we wear? 
Indoor flat soccer shoes or tennis shoes will be fine. No cleats.

When are the games? 
All youth games will be played on Weekends. Adults games : Starbucks Women's Premier League on Monday nights. Gatorade Men's Premier League on Tuesday nights. Men's over 30 League on Wednesday nights. Amp Energy Division I League on Thursday nights. Orange Crush Co-Ed League on Friday nights. 

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